A family affair

One of the nights we were teaching the Bible, one group of adult women were learning about the difference between religion and true relationship with God. After the Word was given, one woman confessed that she really didn’t know God intimately nor had she ever committed her life to Christ. She had merely gone to church occasionally and called herself a Christian. She prayed to receive salvation through Jesus and committed her life to the Lord. What the group didn’t know was that at the same time God was drawing her husband, Quazimo, into the Kingdom. As he was waiting for his wife outside of the church, Andy was presenting him with the Gospel. He gave his life to Christ. That night, God individually orchestrated the salvation of this husband and wife!
Afterward, we had the opportunity to rejoice with the husband and wife together that God has brought them both into His family! As they held their daughter in their arms, we could see God’s plan for their family coming to pass.