70 Salvations! Shoulder Healed Instantly! Read It and Lift Up the Name of Jesus!

Today we traveled back to Marcone for our second crusade. With the backdrop of a beautiful Mozambican sunset, Pastor Mary Pat encouraged everyone on the bus to pray out, specifically focusing on different attributes of Jesus. The whole team jumped in, and the joy of the Lord hit the bus and gave us supernatural power and unity for our coming night of ministry.

When we arrived at the crusade site and started setting up, children came from nearby huts and across the fields to dance with great joy. As our friend, Jimmy, played familiar African worship rhythms, more people began to emerge and the crowd became considerably larger than it was last night. After a beautiful time of worship, dance, and dramas, Jordan shared the Gospel powerfully and 46 people accepted the Lord.

Andy shared testimonies of Jesus’ ministry of healing from the Bible and then prayed for healing. After two weeks of pain in her shoulder disappeared instantly, one young girl testified and demonstrated her healing by swinging her arm around pain free! Next, an older woman who had knee pain for 2 weeks came up and began to dance around, praising Jesus for her healing! They were followed by many more, including a woman with respiratory issues for 3 days, a woman who had pain in her legs for 2 years, and others with stomach and back pain – all healed by Jesus!

As many were being touched by the Lord, more people were drawn to the crusade site by the testimonies of healing. Led by Holy Spirit, Pastor Mary Pat directed everyone’s attention to the Healer, King Jesus! As she shared the Good News of our risen Savior, more people came forward for salvation with around 70 total for the night!!  It is always so amazing to see how the healing power of God draws people into an eternal relationship with Jesus. We ended the night by encouraging the people to return for their church service tomorrow morning, and piled back onto the bus, in awe of what God had done!