Africa, Ghana (June 24 through July 9)

11 missionaries (including Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat) will fly to Accra, Ghana to host Frontline Ministries International’s 2nd Kingdom Bible School. This Bible School for indigenous pastors and leaders in the “North” will be held on Frontline’s land in Northern Ghana, in the town of Sawla. Our land sits in a region that is laced with ancient occultic practices. It’s so fun to see the Lord break through hard territory, as Heaven invades the earthly realm!

Pictured above, a woman at our 2009 crusade in Sawla testifies on stage about how Jesus instantly healed and dissolved a growth on her breast after the prayer. While receiving prayer on stage, her eye sight was healed.

Last year we had 52 participants and we are expecting a great increase this year. Our 12 acres of land were given to us by a Muslim chief who eventually received Jesus as His personal Lord and Savior. Glory to God! Our plan is to build a Kingdom compound complete with a facility for missionaries, worship center, children’s homes, Kingdom Bible School/Training Center, medical clinic, and more. The Lord has established a strong connection with Pastor Samuel and Pastor Vera Quarcoopome of Life Christian Center, based in Amasaman, Ghana (near Accra).

We have ministered in Ghana with them since 1999 in Accra, Kumasi, Kohfuridua, Nima (Muslim town), Sawla, and other many other places. We helped plant a church in Togo and are looking forward to expanding beyond Ghana’s borders. We have ministered on the streets, in villages, in churches; doing crusades with incredible healings and many salvations, Bible Schools, hospitals/clinics, and more! From one-on-one ministry to showing the JESUS film in villages, the Lord has given us many ways to minister to the person or masses in front of us. We have planted churches and are believing for overflowing fruit! Frontline has provided clothing and Bibles, and financial provision for the needy, supporting many.

On the 2009 Ghana trip, praying for Daniel a young man who is blind.
Testing Daniel's healing. He was able to see light and the face of his mother. This took place in a village named Mona and a new church was planted there!!!!

We provide funds for the establishment of LCC churches, also partnering with leaders in the communities we serve. We love relationship! Frontline also owns 12 plots of land outside of Accra, in the southern tip of Ghana. We love seeing seeing the supernatural unfold and God’s Kingdom coming to earth. We invite you to pray for a tsunami of love and power for this trip!!! Join us in the great adventure of partnering with what is on the Lord’s heart!