2nd Crusade at Maluana

On the heels of a great crusade, we prepared for an even greater release at our second crusade in Maluana. We divided into groups and went into the remote villages to invite the people and offer prayer.  We discovered the garden where for months the children at the center have watered and tilled the sandy soil to grow everything from beans to bananas to peppers. Everyone we encountered was intrigued by us. They could not yet understand how a simple message could lead us across oceans and through the thorns of the thick brush to reach them. One woman, a teacher at the local school, did not have much, but gave us all the peanuts she had. Later in the evening, the same woman helped lead worship on the school soccer field for our crusade. Many people crowded around the stage to see each dance, drama, and testimony. A heavy blanket of the Holy Spirit wrapped each heart as many more were added to the family of God.