2015 Ghana: Sunday, November 8th

The team arose to the familiar sounds of an African village: roosters crowing, children shouting, and women bustling about to prepare breakfast. The Sunday church service started off with lively Ghanian worship, which team members readily jumped into. Life Christian Centre church services have been conducted here on Frontline land for the last several years under care of Pastor Stephen. Pastor Bill started by sharing our heart for Ghana and the plan God has given us for our land. He beautifully expressed our desire for a school, medical clinic, and permanent structures to house future Kingdom Bible School attendees. He was met with vivacious cheering from the crowd. After a riveting message, we invited everyone to come back this evening for a showing of Magdalena, a variation of the Jesus Film that emphasizes the compassionate heart of Jesus. The afternoon was spent building our temporary village as Rick taught his Ghanian brothers how to setup American tents. Our village was made complete with a makeshift movie theater, which quickly became standing room only. Upon the film’s completion, Rachel and Jordan powerfully presented the Gospel, emphasizing how receiving Jesus is the most important decision we can make. With great enthusiasm, they invited anyone who wanted to give their lives to Jesus to come forward. Nearly everyone in attendance rushed forth. We knew that all of heaven was celebrating with us as these precious people came into the Kingdom of God!