2015 Ghana: Saturday, November 7th

Four o’clock in the morning in pouring rain – neither time nor weather can hinder the hands and feet of Jesus as we packed to head to Northern Ghana. A true picture of mission work, we loaded two cars with nine people (the team, Pastor Samuel, Mama Vera, Kofi, and Mama Vera’s helper Angelina) with personal and team supplies to traverse a country on partially paved roads, stopping along the way to spread the Gospel of Jesus! We first stopped in Kumasi to visit Pastor Samuel’s daughter Lydia for her 20th birthday. Next, during a small car repair and supply stop, we encountered several people on the busy streets. A young man named Freeman and a young lady repented on the spot and gladly accepted new lives in Christ when they heard the Gospel! The team was blessed to experience dinner at a genuine Ghanian restaurant in Techiman during another stop for supplies. After 17 hours of travel, we felt like the Israelites crossing the Jordan as we arrived at FMI’s Promised land in Sawla, excited for all that God is going to do here!