2015 Ghana: Monday, November 9th

Early in the morning we could hear the gentle rustle of the locals raking the land outside our window. Their hospitality and generosity are truly humbling. Today marks the start of Kingdom Bible School! Even before we could do a sound check, over 100 men, women and children filled the wooden benches under our open air pavilion. Pastor Bill laid the foundation and focus as each team contributed additional truths, testimonies, and teaching on multiple intricate aspects of Jesus. Between sessions, we taught eager ears some basic English. The most joyous portion of the day came as Carly led the call for healing. Eleven men and women came forward to personally testify of the healing of knees that have hurt for over a year, stomach pain that had not been relieved despite two operations, shoulder pain that started two years ago, and a rash that had persisted for two weeks. A young man named Dari received salvation before team members prayed for the removal of tormenting dreams. The day started with the soft sounds of a humble people and ended as we heard exuberant voices singing, dancing and praying into the majestic African night.