2015 Ghana: Friday, November 6th

This afternoon, we headed to Life Christian Centre Academy. Mama Vera started the school two years ago and it has been growing steadily. Currently, 59 children are enrolled, ranging from 2 years of age to 3rd grade. They teach and expect the kids to respond strictly in English, to immerse them in the language as much as possible while also teaching other basic subjects. Prayer and worship are included throughout the week as well, and the school has proven to be an effective outreach to the community, as 8 of the students are Muslim. Mama Vera told us they are some of the first to run forward when it is time for worship! As we pulled up to the church building where the school is held, we could hear the lively chatter of children coming from inside. The class “rooms” are separated by rolling blackboards, and we went to each class to introduce ourselves to the kids. Their smiles were so bright and shining that they made the sunlight streaming in through the windows seem dull. The students gathered together, enjoyed a song lead by Pastor Bill, and listened intently as we shared with them about Jesus, Father God, and the Holy Spirit. After a chance to play with and love on them, we said our goodbyes to excited waves and gleeful squeals.
As we started our trek back to Pastor Samuel’s house on the cavernous dirt roads, everyone we meet greeted us warmly. We were able to pray for many believers, including a man named George who showed us his garden and blessed us with a bag of freshly picked cassava, and a woman named Comfort who left her hair salon to walk us back to Pastor Samuel’s house to ensure we did not get lost. These selfless brothers and sisters in Christ vividly demonstrated to us that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive!
In the evening, we ventured to a newly built shopping area to gather some supplies before heading to the north. Our last stop was a coffeehouse, where a young man walked up to us and asked if we would connect with him on social media. Pastor Bill readily jumped on the opening to share the Gospel, after which the boy prayed to receive the Lord! Needless to say, he gained much more than just a facebook friend today!