The River Flows in Vellachitala Gudam

Pastor Bill and Lawrence teamed up with Pastor Deva and Suneetha to visit the village of Vellachintala Gudam (say that five times fast). They were welcomed by an exuberant group of 4 people, but by the time worship had ended the tent was full of people excited to hear and see what God would do. Lawrence shared on the loving presence of God that draws people to relationship and Pastor Bill imparted on the power of God’s song to send the enemy fleeing. With the help of Pastor Prabaka’s charismatic translation and reenactments of pastor Bill’s stories, the whole crowd was filled with great laughter and joy! Once pastor Bill finished sharing his heart with the crowd 6 people responded to a call for salvation. They were all encouraged that they had been a part of the greatest miracle ever, but as Pastor Bill said in his message, “But wait, there’s more”.

Lawrence shared some of the “more” as he gave testimonies of the many healings that had already taken place during our time in India. As he released healing over the crowd, several testified of receiving a touch from the Lord. One lady testified in tears how God had touched her knees and legs. She was able to squat up and down quickly as she demonstrated the Lord had removed severe pains from the last several years. Another man testified that his sight had been restored after only having partial sight for the last couple of years. Several others testified of headaches leaving, stomach and back pains being healed. Many testified of feeling empowered and strengthened after the prayer time had broken off any heaviness and weakness. The Lion of Judah has roared in the village of Vellachintala Gudam for His children!