Another Day with Jesus In an Indian Village

Pastor Bill and Lawrence headed out of Rajamundry to the remote village where they met up with Pastor Andrew for a church service with Pastor Namarind. After a time of precious worship led by the congregation, Lawrence shared about the power of worship to release God’s presence into the atmosphere. God has a great love for the people of India and it’s evident as He continues to draw His sons and daughters into their destinies. After Lawrence shared, Pastor Bill captivated the church while sharing about God’s dunamis power. The children watched Pastor Bill with excitement as they learned about God’s great love and power for each one of them.
After Pastor Bill’s message, there was a sweet time of God’s healing hand moving through the service. Three people testified after a corporate prayer to their physical healing, 2 with headaches and 1 with back pain. After the corporate time of prayer, more people came forward filled with expectation to receive a miracle for their physical needs. People testified of stomach pains, ankle pains, headaches, and pain in their hips leaving. Many of these people have physically demanding responsibilities and were so grateful to receive a healing touch from such a loving Father. Praise God for His miracle working power!