Community of Grace Church – Fire and Healing Released

As the majority of our team was stuck in traffic on the way to the church service Sunday evening, Christy and Stephanie were already there to start sharing what God has been doing. Christy shared on each of us being on a mission; we are all missionaries with a purpose from the Lord for our lives and can encourage one another to step into our destinies. She then shared a prophetic song of release over everyone and encouraged them to sing out their own personal song to the Lord. Stephanie shared about the work we have been doing in the favelas and testimonies of God moving on our outreaches. She then shared her personal testimony of God moving in her life and setting her free. She encouraged the people to not be led by fear, but by the Holy Spirit because He can handle every burden we have. Then the team arrived….
 After greeting the congregation, Pastor Mary Pat shared a word about the Lord having a strong and fiery evangelistic call on this particular church. The dance team stirred up the joy of the Lord with the dance, and then the team performed the Released drama depicting on how Christ can set us free from every stronghold of the enemy in our lives. Pastor Mary Pat preached from Revelation 1 on how we as believers have a great responsibility in this season to believe God is who He says he is, and refuse any chains in our life, so that we are fervently pursuing our call to go make disciples of all nations.
Many came forward after the message to cry out to the Lord for more of His fire on the inside, and give themselves more fully to God. Many were weeping tears of repentance and/or joy as the Holy Spirit touched their hearts. Several people with back pains came forward in response to a Word of Knowledge that was shared from the front, and after prayer, testified that all the pain was gone!  A few others testified that they were healed of heart and/or chest pain after Pastor Mary Pat had shared a Word of Knowledge regarding the same.
Two men came forward for prayer for knee and leg pain. Christy prayed for an elderly man who indicated that after the prayer, all the pain in his legs was gone!  Joe prayed for a middle-aged man with pain in his knees, who, after prayer, said all the pain was gone, and even sprinted across the length of the sanctuary to prove it.  He was overjoyed!
Another man came forward who only had 20% hearing capability in his right ear. He couldn’t hear whispers at all, and after the team prayed for him, he excitedly testified that he could hear when someone whispered in his ear with his hearing aid removed. God is restoring his hearing! Others who came forward received prayer for inner healing and deliverance. God moved mightily, and we are so overwhelmed with gratitude!