Ghana – Friday, November 17 – Morning

We were excited to share the last day of Kingdom Bible School with everyone we had grown to love so much. We started off the morning with some of the fun things we had learned along the way: “Kofi says,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and English greetings. Then Kim led everyone in a chorus of “The Enemy is Done.” Many remembered the song from last year! We translated those words into their language, and we enthusiastically sang them out together. Big smiles from everyone! We asked for volunteers to come forward and share what God had shone them through KBS. Many people offered very touching testimonies, including Daniel, who had a dream that he was following Jesus down the road. They were both on motorbikes. They came to a river and Jesus was able to ride across it, which enabled Daniel to also cross the river. Pastor Mary Pat then imparted significant prophetic words to the participants who had shared. PMP delivered her last message about dying to self and the upside down Kingdom. The team jumped in with a last on the spot drama to demonstrate the verses, which included Justin standing on his head!