Woman’s eyes healed!

I was preaching healing this night and I called different people out of the crowd to come forward and receive prayer.  I believed very strongly the words of Jesus when He spoke to the disciples, saying that we would do greater works than Him because He was going to the Father.  As I spoke out in faith, many people in the crowd began to respond and ask for prayer.  I was praying for a woman who had some bad pain in her legs and back.  As I was releasing healing over her, Pastor Jose who was translating for me suddenly held up his hand in front on the woman’s face and began to test her eyes.  I was confused because they were both speaking a language that was not English, which was slightly frustrating.  Pastor Jose in English began to share how this woman’s eyes were better after the prayer.  I WAS NOT EVEN PRAYING for her eyes;  I was praying for her other pain.  It amazed me that the Lord touched her eyes without her even asking for prayer for them.  All the pain in her back and legs was gone as well.  I spoke this all out to the crowd to encourage their hearts to receive more from the Lord.  Thank you Jesus!!!