Witch Doctor Encounters the Power of God

As we approached the gate to the witch doctor’s house, our hearts were stirred as we felt the love and desire of God for this man and his family.  Though our small group could sense the darkness that surrounded his compound, we knew deep inside that the God of Elijah would show Himself strong as His power and love is greater than any other.

“Nygonlulu!” we called his name, “Nygonlulu!”  Silence.  Soon a small boy ventured out from the house, nervously looking at us.  Eventually, his grandfather also came out, and both indicated that the witch doctor was not at home, but would return from town soon.

As we stood at the gate, we suddenly heard a loud noise as the witch doctor drove up the road.  He stopped at the gate where we were standing, and he began speaking with us.  Pastor Mary Pat began telling him about the power of God, and how it is so much bigger than any witch doctor power or other power of darkness.  His eyes lit with interest as he was challenged with these claims of a God that is so powerful.

Nygonlulu revved up his engine, and motioned for us to follow him as he drove inside his compound.  As we walked up the stone and dirt path, we prayed for God’s protection over us and for His love and power to invade this compound and the hearts of all inside.

Nygonlulu led us through his house, ending in a candle lit room where his wife lay sick on her bed.  She was suffering from a fever, headache, stomach ache, and general pains and weakness throughout her body.  As Nygonlulu and his wife Lekhina sat side by side on the bed, Pastor Mary Pat began to excitedly explain the Gospel message to them, emphasizing the great power of God.  Few people challenge witch doctors in this area, so Nygonlulu was very impressed with the boldness of this message.

After presenting the message, Pastor Mary Pat offered to pray for Lekhina, believing that God would touch her and heal her body.  Nygonlulu and Lekhina agreed, and as she prayed Lekhina raised her hands as God began to pour out on her.  After the prayers, Lekhina testified that all of her pain had left her body as well as her fever.

Nygonlulu and Lekhina were astounded.  Because Nygonlulu was a witch doctor, he had tried in the past to cure her with his own powers and practices, but nothing had healed her.  Now, Jesus was demonstrating His power and love to this couple, and challenging them to turn from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

“You’ve seen that Jesus is much, much bigger.  He healed you, Lekhina!  Do you want to receive Him?”  Pastor Mary Pat asked.  “Yes,” replied Lekhina.  She then prayed with Pastor Mary Pat to give her life to Jesus, and to turn away from all witchcraft.  It was obvious that this woman was powerfully touched by the Lord and was eager to receive His salvation.

Nygonlulu sat quietly and watched as this transpired.  Suddenly, he was forced to face a decision as he encountered a power and love that was greater than any he had ever known.

When asked if he would like to receive Jesus, Nygonlulu
refused.  He said he believed Jesus had healed his wife, and he believed the message, but did not want to turn away from witchcraft.

As we left the compound, our hearts were filled with excitement and gratitude at what God had done.  Pray that God will continue to show Himself to this man and his family, and that he will come to know the Jesus who healed his wife and invaded his home.  Our God is an awesome God!