Welcome to Machava, Mozambique!

The sun shined brightly above us as we arrived in Mozambique on Wedenesday morning.  Our team has been extremely blessed to stay at another Iris Ministries children´s center in Machava.  Based an hour outside of downtown Maputo, this center is very peaceful and full of joy.  There are about one hundred children who live in camaradas (dorm buildings), while other children from surrounding villages are helped through the schools here.  Throughout the afternoons and evenings, our team has been able to spend time playing, singing, eating, and just loving on these precious children.  Whether we are playing frisbee, climbing monkey bars, arm wrestling, or spending time praying with them, our desire is that the Father would touch them deeply with His great love.  These children are truly a gift from God, and we pray that they and the missionaries here would continue to be blessed by our Father.