Thursday, June 22 – Marcone

On the second day of our trip, our team enthusiastically drove to Marcone to our first crusade site. We were warmly welcomed with many hugs and smiling faces. Our team presented a dance as the crowd clapped along. We also used a drama called “The One” that shows the saving grace of God and His ability to heal sickness and wash away sin. We showed the film “Magdalena” which tells Mary Magdalene’s account of the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. Afterwards, Troy passionately explained how these relate to our own lives and our need to receive Jesus as our personal Savior. 60 people received the greatest gift God gives, salvation. As we continued to minister, we saw the Lord invade with His healing presence. Many testified of being healed from stomach and body pains. As we invited the crowd to renounce witchcraft, 53 people prayed and we saw more healing break out. Praise God for all He is doing in this special village!