Workplace Healings!

I was cleaning at an office in downtown Akron and one of the ladies who works there was telling someone she was feeling sick. When I got the chance I asked her if I could pray for her. She was really excited to receive prayer!

I prayed for her and about 5 minutes after praying she yells “Bethany! I feel better!” Her runny nose cleared up and her head was released from all the cold like symptoms. She was so excited she ran into the other room and told her friend, Tammy. Tammy has been feeling dizzy and also really sick, she had to go to the doctor this morning. She wanted me to pray for her also. I prayed for her twice, and nothing happened, periodically throughout my time of cleaning I asked her if she is feeling better. By the time I was walking out the door to leave she yelled “I feel better!”

They both were so excited and couldn’t stop talking about it, even as I was leaving they were talking about how amazing that was. They were saying stuff like “God moves through you!” I had to make sure they understood I have no ability to heal but its Jesus. This is such a cool testimony because I didn’t even feel super charged up and on fire, I was actually feeling spiritually low, but when I stepped out and prayed Gods anointing fell. God is so great!!