Wallet miraculously recovered

Wow, let me tell you how glad I am to have Jesus! Ok… so some of you know that in the past I have had a tendency to lose valuable things (i.e. keys, ipod, and wallet). Well I lost my wallet a week and a half ago (I actually try really hard not to do these things!). I was running late to work and I must have put my wallet on the back of my car while I was fueling up at a gas station. Over four hours later I get a call from UMU’s campus security. A very nice man found my wallet (and its contents) spread out all over the road two miles down past the gas station. I found out that he picked up every credit card, gift card, and piece of paper (over 30 items in all!!) and placed them nicely in a plastic baggy. Apparently my stuff had been on the road for two and a half hours and none of this stuff even blew away! He said that he would only hope that someone would do the same for him. He wouldn’t even accept any money for his time… the only thing I had to give him was my sincerest thanks. I can’t explain how grateful I am for God sending people like this into my life!