Vertigo Healed!

Today I was cleaning an office in downtown Akron, and one of the ladies who works at the office- Shanda- was not feeling well. She was very dizzy and had stomach problems. I talked with her a little bit and then asked if I could pray for her. She gladly said yes, so I prayed and┬áspoke God’s love over her. I asked her if she felt better, she said no, but I felt God’s power and presence strongly when I prayed and I knew she was touched, so I told her to walk it off and gave her a testimony of how someone was healed after I left them.

She then left to go to the doctor, where she has gone routinely because she has had vertigo. She told me that the doctor would always put goggles on her and time after time he would tell her that it is still there, but today after praying, the doctor put the goggles on her eyes to check them out and he said it is completely gone- absolutly no vertigo! She then called me on my phone after leaving the doctor and she couldn’t believe it- she was so excited and so relieved to be free of vertigo. She went back to the office and told her friend, and her friend flipped out and was so astonished! They both were so amazed! When Shanda told me this I couldnt stop laughing! God is so great! Wow!!! I’m so amazed! Do it again Lord!