Supervisor healed at work!

Two weeks ago I was sitting in my supervisor’s cubicle, talking with her about something.  She had been out a few days due to a bad sinus infection.  As we were talking she mentioned that she was having a lot of trouble hearing out of her ears, particularly her left ear.   As our meeting was finishing up, I asked her if I could pray for her ears.  She said I could.  I asked if I could stand behind her and put my hands over her ears.  She allowed me to do so.  I prayed for both ears to open up completely and for the remains of the sinus infection to leave.  When I took my hands off her ears I asked if she could hear better.  She said she could hear again, especially out of her left ear.  She said she was believing for all the sinus infection to leave as well.  She came in to work the next day feeling great.  Praise God!