Spine Straightens!

Wow! Yesterday I have the privilege to see God perform a miracle before my eyes.  I prayed for a lady with scoliosis that has been increasingly causing a lot of pain lately. She’s been in so much pain that she’s starting to get shots to help manage it.  As I prayed she said she could feel her vertebrae adjusting and straightening up.  She even felt taller.  As a result her hip that has been twisted and about 6 inches higher on one side also readjusted and leveled out!  One of her legs also “grew” 2 inches as a result of the alignment.
The real test of her healing would be if she drives in the car – which usually caused her excruciating pain within 8 minutes of driving. Guess what… no  more pain! She was also able to sit on a hard, solid chair which she hasn’t been able for years.
I saw her again today and her hip is still straight! What a humbling experience to be used by God to release His awesome power!God showed up in the midst of an ordinary day of a homeschool, home maker Mom… It’s just a testimony that God can use anybody to be His hands and feet!!!! What an awesome God we serve!!!!!!