Spina Bifida and the faithfulness of God!

I was born with spina bifida and had surgery to close my spine. The doctor told my parents I would never walk, never have bowel and bladder control, and would have a shunt for hydrocephalus. After 5 weeks, they scheduled shunt surgery. The day before I was scheduled to have the surgery, I got baterial spinal meningitis. They told my parents I would not survive. The next day my Mom was waiting in the hospital lobby as my Dad parked the car. Down the steps came a man in a white tuxedo and stopped in front of my mother and said, “Your baby is going to be alright” and left. My Dad came through the door and Mom asked him if he saw the man in a white tuxedo. Dad never saw him. She asked the receptionist who the doctor was up in ICU ready for a wedding. They had no idea what she was talking about. The spinal fluid started to regulate on its own. They canceled the shunt surgery and never rescheduled it. They canceled another surgery because I had normal bowel and bladder control. I walked by the time I was 2 years of age.

When I was 4 years old, I had played with the back seat car door and my mother didn’t know it. As we were going up the driveway, I fell out of the car. When I tried to get up, the car rolled down the hill and knocked me back down. My mother was so frightened when she did not see me in the back seat that she accidentally put the car in reverse. The car rolled partly over me, or dragged me. I only ended up with a broken collar bone and rib. The doctor was suprised I survived.

In 2002, I was told I had neurological problems that would not go away without surgery. They instantly went away one evening at a Bible study where I was prayed for. I was also told I had a bulging disc and would have back pain often. The pain disappeared and never returned.
I also had arthritis in my foot and was told that pain would not go away. It did.

From about February 2000- 2005 braces I lost a cane and the braces were straightened and cut down. Then things progressively got worse. I needed a cane again and more bracing.

I was told my legs would never stretch and things would not get better. In March, I did get a brace. I needed 2 canes to get out of the office and the brace was pretty tight. As I was driving home, there was suddenly a big gap in my brace. My leg had straightened quite a bit. As I got out of the car, I was walking fast with one cane. When I went to get my brace straightened, they couldn’t believe how fast it happened. I also had to get the ankle part of the brace rotated straight because the brace was pointed out and my foot is straight.

Today I went to get my brace straightened. The technicians just looked at each other and one of them looked at me and said they didn’t think I understood what a HUGE difference there is. They said it was unbelieveable! I was told to get rid of the lift on my shoe because I don’t need that anymore. When I called the shoe store where I ordered shoes to tell them not to put a lift on, they asked me what happened. They thought it was awesome!


*We will add other testimonies as Tricia’s healing continues to be demonstrated in her body!