Skin Rash Leaves, Ankle Improves!

During Tuesday night’s Fire and Wind service there was a powerful anointing for healing with several opportunities for prayer.  Early in the service there was prayer offered for anyone with any type of skin condition.  When the weather is cold and dry I often have several small, itchy bumps on the skin between my fingers – and had them last night when I received prayer.  INSTANTLY there was a change in one of the joints and the skin is like new!

After that, I started thinking about my ankle, which had been in enough pain all day that it was difficult to walk.  I had run several miles on Saturday as part of a relay and then several more miles on Monday, exacerbating the problem.  If Jesus was healing my skin, why not my ankle?  Just then, Pastor Mary Pat encouraged the congregation to check ourselves to see if there was any change.  I started to walk, at first just on the worship stage, but then around the sanctuary.  A friend at church who also works with me had seen me walk all day – it was a very slow experience – and had actually offered to led me her good ankle brace.  By the time I was walking during worship, I was at full speed and the pain was almost gone – just the “finishing up” pain as an injury is almost healed. Thank you, Lord!