Salvation on Christmas Eve

Jesus is the King!! MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND PRAYED TO RECEIVE JESUS! It happened at our family’s home church, at the Christmas Eve service. It’s a candlelight service with no altar call. My brother, Jonathon, walked in about 10 minutes into the service with his best friend in-toe. I was surprised. The Holy Spirit immediately told me that He’d drawn Evan to the service to receive Jesus. I asked for the Holy Spirit to stir up around us and I felt His presence fall. The worship singers started singing Love Came Down & Rescued Me by Bryan Johnson and I began to weep b/c the presence of Holy Spirit was so strong and Jesus’ love was so thick around us. I looked at Evan and he had his head down receiving and I could tell the Lord was doing something in his heart– even though he probably had little grid for Jesus prior to this service. At the end of the service, I immediately walked over to Evan and directly asked him if he wanted to pray to receive Jesus. He thought about it for an instant, smiled, and very openly said yes. We prayed and it was so cool! This afternoon my brother, Jonathon, told me that he intentionally brought Evan to the service but that he was shocked that Evan so openly said YES. It was a huge testimony to my brother, my parents, and it was a powerful seed sown into Evan’s life! Thank you King Jesus!! AMEN!!