Roadside Healing from Back Pain

God is so cool! I was driving down the street going to my house yesterday and passed this older man walking out to his mailbox and God said to me very clearly, “That man has back pain.” I then turned around and pulled over and jumped out of my car and asked him, “Do you have back pain?” He replied that yes, he has severe back pain. I prayed for him and then told him to do something he couldn’t do before. He straightened his back and his countenance changed as he said all the pain is gone and he wasn’t able to stand up straight before without severe pain! His eyes began to well up and he was amazed that God literally touched his back and healed him! I was equally amazed, and couldn’t stop praising God! That was so powerful and so sudden and so real. The man will never be the same again, and his life is forever touched by Jesus! PRAISE THE LORD!