Recovery from Pneumonia

Rebekah and I prayed for a woman during a First Friday outreach in Canton, Ohio.  At the time, we were ministering to awoman who had been was suffering from a horrible cold and was coughing up a lot of phlegm. She was very miserable. We offered to pray for her and she agreed to receive.  Afterwards, there were no immediate results, however we blessed her and departed for that evening. Two months later, we found the same woman we had prayed for and before we could say “hi” she blurted out saying, “I was healed when you prayed for me! The doctor said I had pneumonia and told me it would be another week (while taking a prescription) for me to recover. The night you prayed for me, I was completely better and also declined to refilling my prescription as I was in no longer need of it.”  Thank you Lord!