Range of Motion Restored to (formerly) Broken Leg

During a night of the wonderful release of the healing power of God at a Fire and Wind gathering, I experienced a personal healing in my leg.  A call had been made for those who needed further healing for bones that had been broken in the past.  Eight years previously, I had experienced a break in both leg bones above my right ankle.  A plate with screws and a separate screw had been surgically attached and implanted to my bones.  The bones healed, but I lost a good portion of the range of motion at the ankle joint of that leg.  I could not flex nor point my foot very far.  After the call that night at the Fire and Wind service, Katie and Carol laid hands on the affected area of my leg and prayed.  And the healing touch of Jesus entered my leg!  The range of motion of my right leg and foot suddenly matched that of my left.  What an awe-inspiring moment!  How my heart filled with the love of the Lord!  And how my heart did sing of my love for Him!  Thank You, thank You, thank You, precious Lord!