Provision for Sound Equipment

We have been looking to upgrade our PA system equipment in our sanctuary and had come up with a budget for that endeavor. After receiving professional recommendations, the speakers recommended were more expensive than what we intended to spend. So, I kindly thanked the salesperson and stated we would trust God to provide more money to purchase the speakers or an alternative option. I asked him to send a quote, however, of the items he recommended so that we would have that to pray about and look over. Upon receiving the quote the next day, in highlighted print the speaker prices had been cut in half! I contacted the salesperson and he explained that he had a conversation with one of his partners about another customer looking at speakers as well. This partner made him aware of a one-time markdown of the very speakers we were looking at and felt were ideal for our sanctuary! We saved thousands of dollars on the speakers alone! Praise God for His provision and caring about the PA system even down to the details!