Provision for life direction

2 1/2 months ago, my plan was to go to graduate school at Miami University in Oxford, OH – about 4 hrs away from Frontline and from my home in the Cleveland area. Then I went on an AMAZING mission trip to Mozambique and God totally changed my plans. He told me that I could go to Miami but that that was not His best for me. At first, I didn’t believe that there could be anything better than the deal I had at Miami, but I took a step of faith and decided not to go. That meant I had just graduated from college and had no plans and no job and didn’t know what I would do. But I knew that God would provide and I knew that He wanted me to stay involved at Frontline, so I made a declaration of faith that I would have a job and would be living in the Massillon area by the end of Sept. Yesterday I started at a job in Canton and I’ll be moving into an apartment in Jackson Twp with my best friend Oct. 1-2. If you really want to get technical, you can say “That’s not the end of Sept!” but God doesn’t always work on our time schedules… and for me, that’s close enough! :D