Prophetic word leads to salvation

Today was an incredible day! A couple days ago I had a picture during worship of Mickey Mouse, and today during class I cut myself so I left class to get a tissue. As I was walking, a girl behind me said, “You can just call me Mickey Mouse.” I turned around and said “Do you know Jesus?” She said she did– I got to prophecy over her and she was so moved by God, His presence was all over her. Then right after that, a person standing by listening to us told me she was so impressed with how we spoke, and that said shes never heard anyone talk like that before. I looked into her eyes, and we began talking about Jesus. She knew Jesus but didnt follow Him, so I lead her into praying to receive Him into her heart, and to exchange bitterness for His peace and love. I saw a transformation in her eyes after praying, her eyes were really dark, almost black but after praying I put her hair back and saw light green eyes, it was amazing! I told her what I saw and she was lifted up so much. Praise God! This is what happens when you pray!