Prophetic Ministry on the Streets

First Friday outreaches are times when we rent a booth area in downtown Canton amidst artists, musicians and other secular cultural expressions to give prophetic words through impromptu art sketches for anyone stopping by our tent.  The following testimonies are from one of these events:
The first picture I drew was of a horse for an 8 year old girl – that she recognized it as a horse was in itself a miracle (!). Then she told me that she loves horses and wants to own one (her Mom confirmed). I also got a rainbow for her with 3 colors. It turned out they were her favorite three …colors, and she even listed them in the same order as the rainbow.
I drew a picture of a purple butterfly for a young woman. I just saw that she’s a beautiful butterfly and that she’s going to be flying / traveling a lot. So I suggested that she’d packed her bag. The next day as I was talking to someone, standing by the pool, about what I drew & wondering if it really meant anything for the person, a beautiful big Monarch butterfly flew in and walked for a few feet next to where we were standing. What an awesome confirmation and answer to my question!
For a boy of about 12 I clearly saw a picture of him riding his bike down a steep hill then going off a jump. His eyes got huge when he saw it: he told me that just two days prior, he went down a hill and off a jump on his bike and fell off. He showed me the bruises. I was able to tell him and his parents about how God wants to be his protector.
Finally, for a young girl I drew her in a dark room with a huge flashlight on her. Her parents told me she was afraid of the dark and had trouble sleeping. I was able to tell her that Jesus wants to be her Light and to protect her from the darkness. WHAT FUN!!
~Tom, first time at First Friday outreach
Two ladies approached our table at First Friday out of curiosity.  Only one of them wanted a picture, so I drew a simple picture and explained what the Lord was speaking through it. The lady the picture was for said it was exactly how she was feeling. So the other lady quickly said “Draw one for me too!”  The picture I drew for her spoke right to her also!
~Jill, at her first outreach on First Friday