Overflow in Business

I have been learning the hard way that our God is so amazing and that HIS word is true! My business has been a huge dream for me in my life, and I have been recently praying about it, and how to continue to improve the business and bring in new customers in a Godly way. While in prayer, Papa told me to cut my prices for my services, and he provided me a few other little hints. Since then we have a had a huge wave of new customers, and more are on the way. I was contacted by a referral service the other day wanting to provide leads and requests for quotes to our company. I have listened to what Papa said, and believe me when I tell you, His word is true and faithful. He does not miss the mark. When He promised me more customers then I could imagine, He wasn’t kidding. We had 4 NEW customers in ONE WEEK, and the requests for new quotes haven’t stopped. Finally after 8 years of doing this, I am seeing GODS word come to pass and making this dream a reality. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

~ Greg