Older Couple Encounters Jesus at Wal-Mart

On Monday I was still motivated by Pastor Bill’s message on Sunday, so for my lunch break I decided to go to the local Wal-mart and pray for people. The first two people I approached rejected my offering of prayer. Ironically, I didn’t feel rejected – I actually loosened up and felt lighter with God’s compassion for them!

The third person I found was in the paper towel aisle. Her name was Betty. I actually walked past her aisle and then came back; God’s compassion grew in my heart and [He] gave me courage to talk to her! I ask if she needed prayer for anything and she said that her husband, Ron, needed prayer. She told me  that he  has gone through 17 surgeries, has back pains, numb feet, and many other problems. I asked if she personally needed prayer for anything now and she mentioned occasional back pains. I prayed for her and she really appreciated my kindness.

After that, as I walked by the front entrance, I noticed two guys sitting on a bench. One of them had a cane. I had the urge to sit by him and talk but I proceeded to walk halfway down the the store before turning around. Again, God’s compassion was too strong in my heart to say no! I headed back and asked him if I could sit down. He reluctantly said yes and then told me that he was waiting for his wife. He seemed a little grumpy and persistent in arguing about the necessity of sin, pain, and suffering on the earth until Jesus’ return. I talked to him for twenty minutes about my personal testimonies and Scripture, but he was still resistant to God’s Truth and Love (I realized that Satan has kept him in chronic pain his whole life and that was all he knew).

After a while, his wife returned. I couldn’t believe it…It was Betty!! The only person, out of the 300+ people at Wal-mart, that said yes to my willingness to pray for them. I instantly knew that God brought me these two people to share His love with them! I told Ron about God’s great love. Jesus cries over his pain and cares so much for him that he brought him, his wife, and me to this Wal-mart at that exact moment so that He could free him from his sufferings.

Even with the encouragement of me, his wife, and God’s Truth, he was still did not want to believe in God’s love though the power of prayer. Before they finally left to get to an appointment, he finally allowed me to pray for him and I know that Jesus will completely heal him! Betty and Ron might have both been in their seventies but they are still God’s favorite children! Jesus thank You for giving me Your eyes to see and Your heart to care!!