No More Pnemonia!

My grandma was healed of pneumonia!!! My grandma was taken to the hospital in the ambulance last week. They did testing at the hospital and determined that she had pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. We got the news about the pneumonia and UTI infection on Thursday Aug 30. The very next day my mom called me at work to say Nana was miraculously healed! Nana’s doctor called my mom, said they ran a second test, and all of the pneumonia which infected her lungs and showed up on the scans the day prior, was ALL GONE! He couldn’t explain it; she had pneumonia on Thursday and was healthy by Friday. This is a miracle!!! Thank you Papa God!!!!

To add a cherry on top, this is the second major healing miracle Nana’s doctor has witnessed from my Nana. About 2 years ago, Nana was miraculously healed of a blood clot in her heart. Prior to getting the great news that she was healed, the doc personally told me in the hospital parking lot that a healing was impossible. He has been blessed otherwise, twice now!