No More Allergy Medication!

I’ve been off 5 medications for chronic allergy & asthma now for total of 3 weeks, even while the pollen count outside has been extremely high.  God told me 3 weeks ago that in 2 weeks I will be healed.  He told me that He wanted me to practice rebuking & taking authority for 2 weeks. Now in the 3rd week…and for the whole 3 weeks… I have only very minor irritation where usually it would be 10 (bad) on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s been only 1, and for the last week it’s been completely gone!!!!!!  Last year at this time, with medication, I couldn’t even open my eyes.   They would be swollen, irritated & extremely itchy!  I just spent time outside (for the last 5 hours) and I am completely fine! (today’s pollen count is high).  Praise the Lord…

Thank you Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Bill for building up the faith & bringing the revelation of what kind of authority God has given us as His children! AWESOME!!!! What a privilege!