More provision for cars!

After recently being through a difficult car situation – having one stolen and having to trust the Lord to provide another vehicle – it was a tough thing to have the other car begin veering to both sides as I drove. I talked with my husband and kids and decided the car needed to go to the mechanic as soon as possible. Since most of our finances were going to pay for the new-to-us truck, we didn’t have much money available to pay for repairs.

The staff at Skip’s auto were really concerned about my car and offered to work out a payment plan for us to be able to have both cars running. They were asking for a minimal amount down and would work with us from there. While my husband and I were making dinner that evening, my son Brent came home and asked how much the car was going to cost. It would cost $200. When he heard that he told me, “God is so good! Mom, I heard a voice [the Lord] telling me to ‘go to the bank and take out $200 and give to your mother’.” At first I was hesitant to take the money, but realized this is a gift from God for not only my husband and I, but also for Brent as he heard and obeyed the Lord. Thank you lord for your awesomeness!