Man in Wheelchair Touched by God

This is amazing! I was sitting at Starbucks and this man in a wheelchair rolled past the window I was sitting near. I knew that God wanted to touch him as soon as I saw him. He came into Starbucks and when I got the opportunity I went over to him and asked him questions about his condition and how he got in the wheelchair. He told me he has spina bifida and has been in the wheelchair since birth. I told him a testimony of a guy in Africa being healed from not being able to walk. I asked him if I could pray for him and he was very open to it. I prayed and God’s presence came powerfully! His eyes began to tear up as God was touching his heart. He told me after I prayed for him that the prayer really touched him. I prayed for his body to be healed but I also prayed sonship over him, and told him that God loves him and is proud of him as a father is to a son. He was really touched! I asked him if he felt any change in his body. He said that when I prayed, he felt strength go into his arms and that the strength remained after the prayer, all of which was unusual for him. He also said that he felt tingling in his legs (that’s the nerves coming back to life!!) and that he was able to move his left foot more than he had been able to before! Wow! I know God did so much in that man’s life, healing his body and heart! I’m so excited and look forward to seeing him in the future completely made well! GO JESUS!  YOU’RE THE HEALER!  WOW!