Lump and Hernia Shrink!

This last fast was my first real fast in 38 years of life.    Both Rosa and I decided to fast for one meal as the Lord had led us to do – what a remarkable experience.     To end the fast we went to the all night service that Friday evening.   

During the night – they called for people who needed some healing – I went up because of a bump I had growing on the back of my neck – it honestly concerned me that it was something serious.     During the prayer time BOTH Peter and Bethany felt the size of this bump which was about the size of a nickel reduce down to the size of a pea – PRAISE THE LORD!   That was only the beginning of my experience that evening.   

Sometime during that prayer I was taken out by the Spirit – and taken to this room somewhere in the heavens – when I awoke in my Spirit, I saw God working with a single portion of my DNA – exchanging atoms and molecules around for his final plan in me.    Then I was taken to another part of the Heavens.  it was simply beyond words to even experience this – the music, the harmonies, and most importantly the love was beyond description.     I knew I was in the actual presence of God himself.
During all this time, Peter, Pastor Bill and my wife continued to pray for me as I was out on the floor (according to my wife).     Peter laid hands on my hernia and saw it REDUCE in size before his eyes – PRAISE THE LORD AGAIN!
All of this happened because, I believe, of the fast we had completed that day – the Lord spoke to me at the beginning of my fast and said “Greg, great and wonderful things will happen to you if you simply believe and fast for me one time.   This will open a road for you to many other fasts, including a 40 day fast that I will show you to do.   This is my word – do you have the faith to believe in it my son?”     I did, and wow, all I can say is GOD is real and he honestly responds to those who fast in his name!

– Greg