Lost Key Found Hours Later

On Monday, two weeks ago, I went to the Canton Centre Shopping Center for my lunch break. When I returned to my car, I realized that I no longer had my car keys. I looked everywhere for them; but, I had covered a lot of ground
in the hour that I was there. I called my mom and asked if she could bring up the spare key to me. She was really busy and she wouldn’t be able to make it until at least midnight. Then she said something that really shocked me…“I will be praying that God will help you find your key” Then I called my dad and he said that he would start a prayer chain!! I was so impressed with my parents’ faith and willingness to trust in God and pray for me!

After a couple of hours I decided to walk back to work. Well, at five o’clock I asked Mike and Jamie to take me home. They prayed that I would find my key as we drove. Mike insisted that we go back and look for the key because he believed God would show us where to find it. We searched my car for the last time and still did not find it. Mike and Jamie both got the impression that God was telling them to look around JC Penney’s. The only place that I could have lost it was around the entrance where I had jumped over a railing a couple hours earlier. We looked all around the entrance and found nothing. So there we stood, at the front doors of JC Penney’s, and waited for God to show us where to look next. Right that second my eyes were drawn to a small, ordinary trash can.  Out of nowhere, I remembered that I had thrown out an empty candy wrapper before entering the store. I thought it was crazy but I opened it up and searched through the trash.  There at the very bottom was a single black car key!!! God thank you for sending Mike and Jamie to help me find my key! Thank you for working in my family and giving them such a great faith! Thank you for always providing!!