Leg cramps and allergies healed!

An office employee told me that heavy cramping had started in her leg last night. I laid my hand on her calf and began to pray.  I invited the Holy Spirit to come and commanded the pain and any spirit of affliction to leave.  There was breakthrough and we prayed until there was a complete release.  Five minutes or so later the pain and cramping were completely gone and my friend was able to bend her leg as normal.  Praise God, she is pregnant right now and going through so many changes already.  Thank you Jesus!

Last night at work a co-worker asked if I had any Benadryl.  I told her no, but I asked her, “do you want prayer?”  She did so I asked her more questions – she had some tickling in and around her sinus’ and eyes, like an allergy.  I laid my hands on her head and asked the Holy Spirit to come – and He did, fast!  I took authority over this affliction, casting out pain and irritation.  I prayed and broke any generational curses that were over her life and released healing over her body.  The majority of the affliction lifted, but there was still some irritation.  We couldn’t finish at the moment, but I came back to her later and finished praying.  She experienced complete release and we both praised God with Hallelujah! Hallelujah Lord, you are pushing back the darkness over my work place and our city!