Key Lost – and Found – at Community Festival

I was at the Jackson Community Celebration last night and had just finished running in the 5K Night Glow race. I put my key to my car in my armband with my phone while I was running. After the race I got my phone out and I saw my key drop out with it. I picked my key up and went to look for my friends. I dropped the key again somewhere in the big grassy area where all the runners where hanging out after the race, but this time did not realize the key was missing until heading to my car.

Stephanie and I were looking all around for it. I texted some other people from the church to pray. I also had the guy announcing the race times make an announcement that I was looking for my key. It could have been anywhere! Pastor Mary Pat texted back and told me to stop and just ask Holy Spirit where it was. So Steph and I did that and Steph agreed. Then I began to remember a series of events where it was most likely the key could have dropped. Steph and I went back to that place (after already searching there before) and looked around again. Some ladies came by and as asked us if we were still looking for my key. Just after I had replied yes, Steph yelled you that she found it!! Praise God!! :)