Job Provision!

For four years, I prayed and believed God for an opportunity to make an impact locally through teaching in public schools. After many interviews and rejections, God opened a door into a one year contract due to a teacher taking a maternity leave at a district that is a five minute drive from my home. My previous position required me to drive 2 hours a day. At first, I was reluctant to take the position because there were no guarantees that I would be employed after the first year. I potentially was facing unemployment if the past teacher would decide to return. As I prayed with Pastor Mary Pat last summer, I heard the Lord say two things. He burned in my heart that He has taken care of His children since way before the day I was born through Jesus. Everything Jesus did through the shedding of his blood was also so we could walk in abundance in every area of our lives including PROVISION! I also felt the Lord tell me to walk in my favor like Jesus did that He would give to me through out the year.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.
Luke 2:52

The Lord’s promise to me came true in amazing ways! I was blessed in so many ways through out the year as I walked in His promise for me. At the end of the year, the Lord used this situation to teach me to fully rely on him and trust in His character. From April till August, it seemed that I would not have a teaching position for the next school year. But, God…. who moves mountains, moved my mountain!!! The teacher decided to resign from her position to stay home with her family. This opened the door for full time employment in the district. This position is everything I could have ever wanted and more! I got the whole loaf (God’s very best) from the best Dad in the whole world!