Holy Spirit brings healing

Saturday night I had not really been feeling the greatest. I had had this weird neck pain thing going on and my back was hurting a little too. Andy came over and prayed for me and then Pastor MP joined him. PMP put her hands on my back. Then I started to feel this sensation of the Holy Spirit. It was cool because it started at my feet and then slowly started to rise. It reminded me of when you fill a bathtub and it starts to rise and the water kind of bobs. This sensation started to rise to my chest. I had had some severe pain in my chest awhile ago–so severe that there were times I couldn’t get out of bed. Well, as this feeling started to rise to my chest I started to get some pain there. It wasn’t as intense as in the past but it was definitely painful. After a few moments of the pain it was like the Holy Spirit broke through and continued to fill me up and overflow out of me. All the pain I was experiencing was gone. It was pretty cool!