Hearts and Lives Changed at “Gift of Christmas”

Gift of Christmas was amazing this past weekend! One of the people who came from the Refugee of Hope (ROH) shelter said that he had a testimony and he wanted to share it with me. He pulled me in close and told me that the night’s drama really meant a lot to him and he knew God was using it to speak to him. The drama was about a single mother who was trying to reach out to her son. Desperate, she seeks God for peace and love in his heart and for help to make a wonderful Christmas dinner for the two of them despite the difficult times. The son is having a hard time with life and he walks out, not wanting anything to do with family or God. Cold, alone, and confused a neighbor walks by and notices him. God drew his attention to the young man and he stops to sit with him. During their conversation and then prayer, the son hears Papa God’s loving voice and everything is changed for him! He realizes how much he is loved! The made-new son runs home and he and his mom have the best Christmas ever!

Well, the man from ROH said that he has a similar story. He has walked away from his family and God decades ago. He said that before Thanksgiving his mom kept calling him and asking him to come home for Thanksgiving. His answer was always the same, ‘NO’. This past week his mom again called him and asked if he would come home for Christmas. His answer was again, ‘NO’. This drama demonstrated God’s love and this man knew that he was loved. He told me that he would call his mom tomorrow and his answer to his mom will now be ‘YES’!! God thank you for changing our hearts and giving us such joy and celebration in this season!!