Healed after 3 weeks of Flu Symptoms

I had been suffering on and off over a three week period from a persistent cold or flu bug which took a turn for the worse 2 weeks ago.  I was in bed on a Tuesday night (Nov. 9th, 2010) during Fire and Wind with a fever, maybe 101 or so.  I had had a fever for 3 days, but that Tuesday was the worst of it.  My wife Ina went to F&W, and when a healing anointing fell on the congregation, she went forward on my behalf.  Pastor Mary Pat instructed anyone who wanted healing for someone who was not there to call that person on the phone.  So Ina called our home from her cell phone.  Peter Gruver then prayed for me, directly into the phone.  I was in bed and heard the phone ring but did not get up to answer.  He left his prayer on voice mail, which I listened to the next day (“…now Tom, check your body!”).  There was no need to hear the prayer since I woke up that morning without any fever.  Within four days all other symptoms were gone and I remain bug-free to this day!