Headache goes!

A couple of weeks ago, after volunteering for Go Stark I had a very bad headache. Peter stopped by that evening to spend a little time with Andrew. I was sitting at the dining room table trying to fight this intense headache – and drinking tea and eating some popcorn didn’t help at all! Peter asked how I was and I told him about my head and stomach issues. He asked if he could pray for me – and I said “of course!” After asking where my headache was, he laid his hand on the area where it hurt and started praying. I was receiving while he prayed and the pain shifted away from that spot to another one. When Peter would ask how I was doing I told him how the pain was jumping around. He kept pressing in for about 30 – 45 minutes. It was awesome!

During all of this, he was supposed to be meeting Theresa but decided that it was more important to help me see breakthrough in this situation. That really touched me! He kept praying and we kept believing that all sickness and pain would be gone in Jesus’ name – and it was! There was no more pain and we thanked God over and over again. God is so good!! It would have been easy to take something for it and go to bed…but this reinforced to me how much God loves to take care of us. He does not want to see us hurting and He will do anything to make it right!