Headache eased

Yesterday while spending time with my dad I discovered he had a bad headache from speaking the night before. This headache was not responding to the standard “treatments”.  After cutting his hair I offered healing prayer.  We sat down in the dining room and invited the Holy Spirit.  Using the interviewing technique taught by Randy Clark and Global Awakening I began to pray and interview.  This one took a bit of pushing, but soon the presence of the Lord came and pain began to lessen.  We believed this headache was caused from a spirit of affliction because the pain shifted a number of times around his right eye.  In about ten minutes of prayer noticeable results were beginning to manifest.  Once the pain had completely lifted, my dad told me that his right eye had some blurriness in it.  I continued to pray and had him open his eyes but covered his left eye.  I had him focus on an aerosol can across the room and the largest lettering on it.  I asked the Lord for a word from heaven and waited.  “Obstruction” was the word that came and so I called it out.  Through the course of prayer his eye went from blurry to much clearer before we ran out of time.  Before I began to pray I settled in my heart to P.U.S.H., or pray until something happened.  And it did and more!  Overall he and I had a great time in the presence of the Lord and were greatly lifted up.  Thank you Jesus for your blood.  Thank you for touching my dad.