Gold Flakes at Graduation

This Sunday was awesome, the church prayed for the Ghana team and Moz/Swaziland team and a lot of Prophetic words were said. A lady who I have never seen before said she saw us climbing up Jesus’ body and as we crawled up his leg to his hand he took off His ring and gave it to each of us and we all had our rings from God and He said that we have the authority that He bought for us. There was a couple people who saw us walking and leaving a trail of gold behind us. There was a lot of gold that was shown around our group, and that we carry so much glory and authority. I saw people falling and extending their arms to God and the Lord spoke to my heart that these are the people going to be entering the Kingdom through us. For the Ghana team christy spoke out that they are going to be drunkards over there and that they will be in the intoxicating presence of God when they release the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I graduated friday and on my seat where I was assigned to sit had gold sparkles all over, it got all over my gown, and there was so much of it.It wasnt like gold dust, like on my hands it was big and round flakes. I was covered in it and there was so much I sprinkled it on the people around me! this same exact kind of gold flakes were on my car seat a couple weeks prior to my graduation. Doesnt God ROCK!!