God is Healing at Mount Union – 3 Testimonies!

These 3 healings all happened this semester, within the past 2 months:

A student in my Signs and Wonders class came by my office to talk.  I learned that he was about to have surgery on his knee due to a sports injury.  I asked him if I could pray and he allowed me to.  I laid hands on his knee and prayed a simple prayer.  There was no immediate change.  He went ahead with the surgery.  But he came by after that to tell me that the recovery after the surgery was much better than expected.  His doctor called it “a miracle”!

A student in my freshman seminar told me of a car accident she had been in recently and that she was suffering from whiplash, with quite severe pain.  I told her I would be praying for her healing (I was not bold enough to pray for her in front of the class).  Two weeks later she told me she was pain free and discontinuing her physical therapy treatments.

Another student in my freshman seminar dislocated his shoulder playing football.  The doctors were unable to push the bone back into place and told him he would likely have a lump on his shoulder the rest of his life.  He was also in pain.  I told him I would be praying for his full healing.  Each time I saw him I asked how he was and reminded him that I was praying for him.  After about 10 days, he came to me very excited.  He pulled up his sleeve to show me the lump in his shoulder was about 50% improved, and there was very little pain!

~Tom, University of Mount Union professor