Freedom from addiction

My mom has battled the addiction of alcohol and tobacco for many years. I was able to pray with her this past Thursday and Friday during the bridegroom fast. She told me that all throughout the night Friday night (Watch of the Lord) she could intensely feel the presence of the Lord. She described it as a thick syrup that was filling and healing the cracks of her heart. She said that just as she thought the presence of the Lord was going to leave she would feel the “syrup” again and hear the Lord saying that He wanted to take that too….and heal her in those other areas. She said that she had not felt that peace since she was 13 and accepted the Lord as her savior…..and felt amazed the Lord would bring things to fruition in a 50 year old woman….she also said that she knew I was there standing in the gap for her.
When I was talking to her on Monday she was so full of peace and hope and claimed that she knew she had been delivered from her addictions and many other worries!!! Thank you Jesus!!!